Monday, October 30, 2006


Did you ever dream you were back in high school and couldn’t (a) find your locker, (b) remember your locker combination, (c) remember what class you were supposed to be in or (d) all of the above?

I have had that dream multiple times in the many years since graduating from high school, although not for awhile. Last night I had a new variation on that dream. I dreamed I was back in college – and it really was my alma mater (mostly) – and had left my class schedule at home. I remembered the first class and made it there on time. The other classes were sort of a blur; I could vaguely remember which building to go to but not which room – and the building was only a guess. So, I’d wander into a building and stop by each classroom to see if there was any indication that it was the class I should be attending.

I tried getting my class schedule from the administration building – a complete dream building as it didn’t exist on my campus and it had a teeny tiny door that I had to squeeze through and almost got stuck (just to add to the stress of the dream). Unfortunately, the computers were all down so they couldn’t give me my class schedule. So, it was back to wandering the halls of various buildings trying to find which class I should go to.

It was a stressful dream and I was happy to wake from it. Although, I don’t think it was more stressful than the dream from the night before in which I kept “waking” only to discover I was still dreaming. Oh, and my boyfriend turned into a zombie and tried to eat my hand. Why is that one more stressful? Because a zombie invasion is a lot more likely than me going back to college.