Friday, October 09, 2009

Hello, may I come in

This morning, as I prepared to brave the fog to go to "Boot Camp," I noticed little paw prints in the snow (yep, I said, "Snow.") on the back deck. My first thought was, Oh, good, it didn't snow anymore after Ripley's last trip out last night.

Then, I looked a little closer and noticed that these paw prints (1) didn't actually head into the house and (2) weren't doggy prints. So, at some point in the night a cat took a stroll around the deck, stopping to peer in through the back door. I'm thinking we should probably lock up the dog door at night to prevent a nocturnal visitor.

I'm pretty sure it's an actual flesh and blood cat and not Inky coming back for a visit. For one thing, he knew how to use the dog door. For another, I'm really hoping Inky's off in kitty heaven enjoying fresh tuna and catnip and not haunting our back deck in the snow.