Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun with Spam!

Today in Fun with Spam, I share a "Privet!" e-mail I received (It was sent to me and two other people! Very "privet" indeed.):

Good day, my dear friend

Don't put your heart in someone's hands until you're sure that they know how to hold it… That is why I think, that two persons have to become friends first of all. I guess one letter isn't enough to know person well enough but I will try. I don't like noisy parties at the restaurants. I like to cook and do it not bad. I'm happy to meet good people. I like to dance, visit dance studio. I like flowers. I live in house with a small garden. There are many flowers in my garden and that is the place where I have a rest in spring and summer. In my sole I am a romantic person. I am also attractive woman and I do everything to be in a good form. Here (link redacted) I am looking for my second part for to share my life with.

While I am also happy to meet good people. I think I'll pass.