Monday, October 06, 2008

Road trip

Last Friday, the significant other and I took a road trip to Mueller State Park, just west of Divide. We wanted to take in some of Colorado's fall colors. It was a perfect day for a hike. There were some clouds slowly rolling in and a slight breeze, but there was also enough sunshine to keep us warm.

We decided to spring for the annual state parks pass, hoping that will get us out more. It's $60 and good at all of the state parks for 12 months.

We picnicked from our tailgate at the Elk Meadows trailhead before heading out for a two-hour hike.

The Elk Meadows trail is mostly along the edge of the forest, overlooking the meadows. But it has plenty of pretty views and lots of aspen. If not for the blister the significant other developed and the clouds becoming more ominous, we probably would have stayed out longer.

We hope to go back and explore a lot more of the trails, as well as taking in the views at some of Colorado's other state parks.