Thursday, May 29, 2008

A killer among us

She doesn't look like a vicious dog, but today she proved she's a killer. Grabbing a bird in the corner of the yard, she tried to bring it in the house. Despite my protests and angry voice, she wouldn't let it go. When I finally got it away from her, it was too late. It wasn't dead, but the poor thing didn't last long. I know it's nature and all but I really don't want my dog killing birds. I makes me realize that this can't possibly be the first one she's gotten. I shudder to think she may have eaten baby birds. I suppose I can rest easy knowing rodents won't have a chance if they ever make it into my house. And I can hope she'll be as effective against zombies and aliens.

Update: To be clear, I don't condone this behavior and I certainly don't think it's funny. But it was in my own backyard. I especially hate to see domestic animals injuring wildlife. We have neighborhood cats whom roam free. I often chase them out of my (fenced) backyard. I will try to keep my dog from hurting any more animals.