Thursday, May 29, 2008

A killer among us

She doesn't look like a vicious dog, but today she proved she's a killer. Grabbing a bird in the corner of the yard, she tried to bring it in the house. Despite my protests and angry voice, she wouldn't let it go. When I finally got it away from her, it was too late. It wasn't dead, but the poor thing didn't last long. I know it's nature and all but I really don't want my dog killing birds. I makes me realize that this can't possibly be the first one she's gotten. I shudder to think she may have eaten baby birds. I suppose I can rest easy knowing rodents won't have a chance if they ever make it into my house. And I can hope she'll be as effective against zombies and aliens.

Update: To be clear, I don't condone this behavior and I certainly don't think it's funny. But it was in my own backyard. I especially hate to see domestic animals injuring wildlife. We have neighborhood cats whom roam free. I often chase them out of my (fenced) backyard. I will try to keep my dog from hurting any more animals.


monkey said...

Pff... nature at it's finest. There's no morality applicable when animals are concerned. They aren't good or bad. Sure their behavior may be but in this case it's not a reflection on you. You didn't train her to be a little canine death-robot, after all. She just is, haha.

Cute pic, by the way!

Pammeey said...

She's also quite sneaky. Today, we were getting ready to leave the house, had opened the garage door and were almost leaving when the S.O. had to go back in for something he'd forgotten. She was already making herself comfy on the bed (where she's so not allowed). Sneaky, yes. Smart, not so much. She hasn't learned to wait for the sound of the garage door *closing*.