Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blog, blog, blog

Blog – it’s an ugly made-up word. Microsoft Word doesn’t like it and neither do I. But I use it. “I have a blog,” I tell people (and by people I mean those of you actually reading this). Much is made of people getting in trouble for their blogs – people getting fired for talking about work or posting pictures of themselves in their uniforms. Stories abound regarding bloggers being passed over for positions because of what they’ve written online.

So, I try to be careful with what I say online, mainly sticking with (what I hope are) humorous anecdotes and observations. And, when I do talk about work it’s just to say what I’m working on at any given time. My goal is to keep in touch with some of you and (hopefully) amuse you in the process.

Plus, I’m kind of an attention whore and want to know that people care what I have to say – or should I say want to believe that people care what I have to say. I’m not making my private journal public or ragging about my boss (who I love, by the way). I’m just blogging along.

I’m going to stop saying blog. Right now. I really do hate the word. In fact, I hate most made up words, with the exception of ginormous and craptacular. Those are good ones. And, I hate when people use a noun as a verb – like task, as in “I’ve been tasked with gathering the data for the blog.” Ugh.

Putting two words together to form a new compound word is ok – such as pisswit or dipshit. It’s always important to be creative when using curse words. We don’t want our cussing to get stale.

To sum up: Blog – no. Craptacular – yes. Task is a noun – you can be assigned a task but not tasked with an assignment.

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monkey said...

It infuriates me to think that people are punished for speaking their minds in a public (non-work) setting. Just because you can google somebody and find all sorts of personal information does not mean that it's of any relevance to your day job. Unless you're a teacher or politician or the like.

Oh, and speaking of non-words I like the modded version of "craptacular" which is "craptastic." And of course my own creation - humbility!