Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Say it isn't snow!

It's snowing. The experts - I mean "experts" - say we'll have a mild winter due to El Nino. Yet, here we are less than a month into autumn and we're getting a pretty significant snowfall. I can only hope this means the mountains are getting a truly significant snowfall and my ski and physical therapy investments will pay off.

I spent most of the afternoon tooling around town in someone else's brand new Rav4. At first I was worried that something might happen and someone might run into me. At first. Then I stopped worrying and just enjoyed the new car and the snow coming down. Now that I'm off the road, I like the snow a lot more. If I never had to drive in it, if I only had to ski in it and sit by a fire and watch it fall, I'd love the snow.

Here is a photo of the backyard this evening. You can still see grass through the snow but isn't it pretty?

Maybe the experts are right and we will have a mild winter. Autumn I'm not so sure about.

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