Monday, February 19, 2007

I got a new car!

I bought a new car this weekend. It's a 2007 Honda Element and it's the first time I've ever bought a brand new car all by myself. It's also the most money I've ever spent in my life. So, while I'm excited and can't wait to go pick it up, I'm scared witless about all that money. I know I'll stop being scared once I'm driving around in my new car, listening to my new radio, not worrying about whether it's going to start in the morning or when I leave work. Anybody want to buy my old Jeep?


Heather said...

I bet you're already over that fear, aren't you. :)

monkey said...

So how is it? They look like fun. And handy like a swiss army knife!

Pammeey said...

It's so much fun. After driving it for a few weeks now, I'm still loving it. The seats have multiple configurations, including being able to make both front seats into "beds." Plus, so much room for skis and all kinds of junk. My only complaint about the lack of carpet on the floors is that stuff slides around. My first modification will be to get a cargo net for the back. And then I'm getting new wheels (I hate wheel covers). First, I have to save up for my tags though.