Friday, April 13, 2007

Geek fest

Stargate SG-1 returns tonight for the beginning of its final season. I don't think the series ever garnered critical acclaim and maybe never was a huge ratings winner. But its fan base is loyal and it has always been a fun show. I'm looking forward to the next two and a half months of Fridays.

Stargate Atlantis returns tonight as well, as does a new series called Painkiller Jane that I'll probably check out. I'm curious because Sci Fi has been pretty good with its new series lately. The Dresden Files has been my favorite show lately (its season finale is Sunday if you're interested). Although this season of Battlestar Gallactica was too much Gallactica and not enough Battle. The season finale was great but most of the season left me cold.

So, here's hoping Sci Fi Fridays are all I ever hoped for.


monkey said...

Hmm... haven't watched the dresden files yet. I'll have to check it out if you like it then.

Totally agree on battlestar. Too much soap-opera crap and not enough action lately. I've heard they're coming out with a movie soon. No idea how they'd pull that off while the show is still airing.

Pammeey said...

The first season of the Dresden Files is over already! I'm going to check out the books the show's based on. Look for it in reruns. It's a fun show.