Monday, June 23, 2008

What I watched -- Dexter, The First Season on DVD

"Dexter" is dark but it's also darkly funny and a lot of fun. The series airs on Showtime, so I knew little about it besides what I'd read or heard from others. But it's summer, and most of the programs we normally watch are on hiatus, so "Dexter" got bumped to the top of the queue. And I'm really glad it did.

Dexter (played with lovable creepiness by Michael C. Hall) is a forensic investigator, working for the Miami police and specializing in blood spatters. He's really good at it, but then he has a bit of an inside track. Dexter also happens to be a serial killer. The difference is Dexter only kills those he feels deserve to die: other serial killers. (Don't question it. Just go with it.) Dexter was adopted when he was 3 and raised by a cop -- Harry Morgan, played by James Remar -- who understands Dexter's tendencies and creates a code to help Dexter control his urges. He also teaches him how not to get caught.

The first season zips along with plot elements involving a serial killer that knows Dexter and leaves clues just for him; Dexter's love life, such as it is for someone who feels nothing (or so he says); his family life, which includes his foul-mouthed adopted sister; and the investigations he helps with. "Dexter" is a cop show with a big difference: Dexter himself. Supporting characters help round out the show, with well-acted characters you love and those you love to hate. I found myself caring about all of them.

I was pulled in by the very first scene, watching two or three episodes a night until the satisfying season finale. Season 2 is available on DVD Aug. 19 (season 3 starts September on Showtime), and I'm already chomping at the bit hoping it's even half as good as Season 1.

If you like dark comedy with real tension and suspense, check out "Dexter." There's plenty of bloody scenes but nothing is really gory. And the language is definitely R-rated for the dropping of multiple F-bombs.

I give it multiple thumbs-up (watch the show, you'll see why).


monkey said...

Wish you guys were neighbors so I could insinuate myself onto the couch and watch this kind of stuff.

Pammeey said...

You would definitely dig Dexter.

Kate said...

We watched about 4 episodes of Dexter when Brooke was showing me how Hulu worked. (We hooked up his laptop to the TV, and you can stream any show the site carries for free. Dexter was one of the best offerings.)

I liked it and was intrigued enough to continue. But we haven't put it into the NF queue. We've been too enthralled with BSG (URG, so long until the new season hits DVD), and now we're checking out the BBC Earth series.