Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is probably why we don't have kids

Ripley's a pretty good sport when it comes to tolerating our game of Let's Put Packing Materials on the Dog. She will demand treats when it's over.

I imagine kids put up with such nonsense until a certain age, but they can hold grudges and have the power to put you in a bad nursing home when you get old.


melissa said...

i dunno. abi still likes to be shoved into boxes. maybe the grace period on packaging children is slightly longer than you might imagine.

i'll ship you abi if you ship me ripley.

Pammeey said...

I'm sure she's keeping a log of all of it, and you and Todd are going to find yourselves in a really crappy nursing home one day. Mark my words.

melissa said...

you may be right.
note to self: die young.

moArdy said...

She is so cute!

We do the same things here - and seriously believe that out petting zoo is just waiting for the right moment to dispose of us both.