Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am The Destructor

This is what our kitchen looked like Saturday evening.
This is me, taking out my frustration on the ugly tile counter tops.
Pammy smash! And who says romance is dead? Look how we spent our Saturday evening.

I will post more pictures of our kitchen's transformation when we complete the backsplash and install our fancy schmancy new faucet.


Kate said...

That looks like so much fun -- and excellent bicep work, I expect. So you're having a party to celebrate the kitchen, right? Right?

Pammeey said...

Once I finish being The Plumber and The Backsplash Installer, sure.

monkey said...

Your kitchen wasn't bad! But breaking things sure is fun. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Pammeey said...

We're still working on getting the perfect tile for the backsplash. I have seen the tile I want but we can't seem to track it down. I love the counter tops, my new sink and faucet so much, I think I'm going to marry them. Yep, kitchen renovation polygamy at Pammeey manor.