Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I do miss the rain

When people ask me if I miss living in Illinois, the short answer is "No, but I miss my friends and family."

The longer answer gets a little more complicated and comes to me at random times. The other night, we were watching "Ghost Town" (cute, sweet, funny and worth watching if you're not in a totally cynical mood). In a scene toward the end of the movie, it starts raining. There's thunder and a nice steady rain.

Although, Colorado Springs has really great weather for the most part -- something like 300 days of sunshine a year (I'm not going to look up the exact number) -- we just don't get those steady rains. We get thunderstorms and downpours, but very seldom does it just rain for an entire day.

I must remind myself that not only do you get rain for an entire day in Illinois, you could get rain for an entire week, as well as ice storms. And it's hot and humid in the summer and bitter cold in the winter. One winter, we went a full 60 days without seeing the sun. We learned to live for those few perfect days in spring and fall when you would get a clear blue sky and a high temperature of about 72, with relatively low humidity. In Colorado Springs, we can get days like that any time of the year. I think I've a little blase about them.

So, do I miss living in Illinois? No. But I do miss the rain ... sometimes.


melissa said...

A few weeks ago, I was reading a blog someone wrote about rain that persisted for 2-3 days. I remember thinking, "wow. I haven't seen THAT in a while." Sometimes I miss it too. Especially the kind that was warm enough to stand in and just let soak through your hair.

Love it.
Thanks for the rain reminder!

kayla said...

It did rain for like 2 WEEKS straight here one time it was horrible!!!!

Pammeey said...

I definitely don't miss that.

BigBro1961 said...

It is always raining somewhere! I never really have ever missed the rain. I love thunderstorms and downpours you can have those all day rains.
It's funny what you miss sometimes!