Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I poach halibut

No. Not in the illegal-hunting way, in the basically-boiling-fish-in-wine sort of way. And even though that sounds kind of disgusting, it was actually very tasty. I impressed myself with how yummy this dish was.

Once again, it's a recipe from Real Simple: Meals Made Easy. I'm waiting for my personal copy to arrive from Amazon. So far, I've manage to keep the library's copy neat and clean, despite the fact that I am so in love with this cookbook I want to marry it and have little half-human/half-cookbook babies with it.

The recipe is quite simple: halibut, white wine, chive, salt, pepper, with boiled red potatoes and green beans on the side (although I could make a full meal out of just the fresh green beans and red potatoes in a heartbeat).

Once you have the potatoes boiling away, you start heating the fish and wine to a simmer. I used a Pinot Grigio, because it's what we had on hand. (It's called Birdman and it has a screw top. Gasp! Cool label though, right?)

Once the potatoes are "fork tender," you add the beans to the water. I don't normally boil beans, but the recipe called for it, and it saves washing another pan.

If you want the exact recipe, I can type it up for you. But as I said, it really is easy. And comes out making the cook -- me! -- look like an expert. Thanks Meals Made Easy!


Kate said...

Do you get your halibut at Whole Foods, I assume? That's one of the reasons I don't buy fish very much, because I want to be able to trust that it's from a good source and very fresh. Kings can't always promise that.

Pammeey said...

I got it at Whole Foods. So far, I've never had a problem with fish from there. This is the first time I've cooked with halibut. I really liked it.

moArdy said...

I'll have to try that wine! I love Pinot - and never discriminate against screw-tops :)

Pammeey said...

I drink more red wine than white, but it was a pretty nice Pinot Grigio.