Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Ha. Ha. You can stop now

When I moved to Colorado nearly 10 years ago (!) I was told how temperate the weather is here, how cool the summers and how mild the winters. "Oh, yes, it snows," they told me, "but it melts off the very next day." Something like 300-plus days of sunshine, they told me. It's mostly warm and dry, they told me.

They forgot to add, "Unless, of course, it isn't." They forgot to mention that the weather will do whatever the hell it wants, whenever it wants, just like every other part of the nation. And it will do it on the days you really need to get stuff done. Yeah, they forgot to tell me that part.

Granted, I wouldn't want to still be living in Central Illinois, where you can go a full month without seeing the sun. But promises were made, people. I expected sunshine. Where's my effing sunshine?


Lisa said...

But isn't it pretty!? And you can make snow ice cream by scooping up a big bowl of (clean!) snow, then adding some milk, nutmeg and a little sugar. You can't do THAT with sunshine! :o)

Pammeey said...

I guess there's always a bright side. I also don't have to go out in it today. So there's another plus. And yes, it is very pretty. Does it have to be so cold though?