Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You shoulda seen the other guy

Poor Ripley. She cornered a cat in the back yard this morning. For some reason effing little cat couldn't jump the fence. Which leads me to wonder, how the hell did it get in the yard in the first place.

A trip to our truly wonderful vet and $350 later, Ripley is home, resting, looking a bit like Frankenripley, with her stitches and drain tubes. A slightly, possibly disturbing picture below.

And just like that I'm no longer thinking I want another cat. Grrr.


Lisa said...

Wow!! Poor, poor Ripley. I can't believe that.

THAT is yet another reason cats should be INDOOR pets!

I'm glad Ripley's okay ... sort of ... at least WILL be.

Pammeey said...

She's a wimp when it comes to pain. But then, so I am. I feel for her.

Yep. I sort of don't blame the cat. Sort of.

Rosie said...

Aww! poor Ripley! Give her kisses for me!

moardy said...

Poor baby! Hope she heals fast!