Friday, May 07, 2010

Volunteers Rock

Yesterday marked the end of our spring tutoring session (the cookies were a hit, once again). And as I thanked all of my volunteer tutors, I realized how much they do and how hard it is to really express a true thanks to them.

They give their time -- two (or more) hours a week, plus their travel time -- to work with a kid they don't know, simply out of the goodness of their heart. I tutored for a few months before taking on my paid position, and while it was fulfilling, it was also a lot of hard work. The kids don't always want to read. They don't always want to cooperate. But my volunteers were patient and worked hard to get the kids to pay attention. Some of them really struggled with kids who were hyper or distracted -- or distracting. But they persevered. And I saw big changes in a lot of the kids. And a bookmark and a thank-you note seem like such a small token for such a big job.

I know none of my volunteers read my blog (well, a former one does, and she definitely rocks!) but I still wanted to honor them here, because they do rock, as does anyone who gives their time to help others -- in whatever capacity.

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