Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Shout outs

Now that I'm back to my as-normal-as-it-gets routine, I really need to get back to blogging more. I know you two or three that come here to read of my many and varied adventures and the random crap that occurs to me out of the blue have been missing my ramblings.

I haven't been writing here much but I have been writing at My Boot Camp Diary. And I have been reading others' blogs, even if I don't always comment. I'm pretty sure you all read each others' blogs already. But in case you don't, or if you're looking for something else to read, here are some of my favorites (in no particular order):

Mayzie's Dog Blog - the most glorious adventures of one brindle dog (I think Mayzie's owner actually does the typing, though.)

Grandma's Briefs - bits and bytes of life's second act (It's not just for grandma's.)

Jackodilloprincess - a mommy blog that doesn't make you want to choke a mommy (That's not her tag line, by the way!)

Won't You Be My Cubemate? - more ramblings from a freelance writer with a snarky attitude (Which is why we're friends.)

Local Dish - recipes and more from a foodie

A Motivated Notion - A fellow blogger I met through NaBloPoMo, who motivated me to run my first (and sadly, only) 5k.

Neil Gaiman's Journal - The author of some of my favorite book's and stories talks about his day-to-day life, his work, his pets. It's like I know him (but not in an internet stalker sort of way, I promise).

The Official Pearls Before Swine Blog - Snarky, irreverent, ridiculous (I'm in love!).

What are your favorite blogs? I'm always looking for something different to check out.


Heather said...

Thanks for the shout out. :)

I recently discovered Hyperbole and a Half ( which is apparently way famous because she gets tons of comments. But it's new to me.

mayziegal said...

Awwww...thanks for the shout out! And yes, I do most of the typing. Mayzie's paws are much too big for the keyboard.

And as far as blogs go, I could give you about a million dog/cat blogs. But I'm woefully lacking in the human blog department. What does that say about me? Hmmmmmm...

moardy said...

Hey! So I have been meaning to comment for like days - but couldn't think of what to narrow down my suggestions too!

For quick fun short distractions I love Awkward Family Photos (and Awkward Pet Photos), People of Walmart, and There, I Fixed It - White Trash Repairs.

Hope you like!