Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Making small talk

And today it reached almost 80 degrees. Yes, Fahrenheit. I always thought Illinois had some crazy weather, but really nothing compared to Southern Colorado. Less than two weeks ago, I had a snow day – a serious blizzard. Today, I’m driving around with my windows down, wondering if I should turn on my a/c. By the weekend, there’s a chance of snow showers. Whoopee!

Funny how when you can’t think of anything else to say, you can always talk about the weather. When I talk to my parents on the phone, they always ask about the weather here and talk about the weather back in Illinois. They really are interested in the weather, but you’d think we could come up with a better topic of conversation.

Although, I’d rather talk about the weather than health. My parents are getting up there and their health is an important issue but do we have to talk about their medications, my medications, other members of the family’s medications? It’s enough to make you ask, “Say, how’s the weather?”

Don't get me wrong, we often talk of important things. But sometimes I think we call just to hear each other's voices and then it really doesn't matter what we talk about. We just hope for a good connection.


monkey said...

Sometimes I realize in the middle of a small-talk discussion that I'm doing just that. The cliched talk about the weather.
Somehow it's still a legitimate topic, though.

Did you really get a snow day off from work?? If so I'm jealous!

Pammeey said...

Yep. A real snow day. I even got paid for it!