Friday, November 17, 2006

When I grow up, I want to be a writer

I made a recent business trip to Wickenburg, Ariz. to preview a new Toyota vehicle. It was my first trip of this nature and, I have to tell you, it rocked. The agency wined and dined us and showed us a great time. We had a horseback ride to a cookout, complete with a cowboy balladeer. We drove their new truck on road and off.
But the people were the best part. I met some great people from the auto industry – writers, broadcasters and only one real creep. Well, he was rumored to be “mean and creepy” and I have to say (back me up on this one, ladies), if you’re going to be mean you’d better also be dead sexy. Because we can tolerate mean for a little while if you’re easy on the eyes. My only experience with him was in the van on the way back from the cookout. He had his drink in his hand over a bumpy dirt road, almost spilling it in the lap of the guy next to him and talking about how he was going to puke. I could laugh because I was sitting behind him. But I really felt sorry for the people in front of him. Luckily, he wasn’t typical of the auto folks at this event. Everyone else was smart and witty and full of great advice for someone starting out in the industry.
Spending time with other people who are interested in and write about cars has sealed my fate. I will work for a big automotive magazine someday. You can say you knew me when.

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Kate said...

Glad you had such a brilliant time in AZ - sounds excellent! I look forward to being one of those people who says, "I know this great writer, Pam Hoskins!"....soon. Go for it. Hang on to that buzz.