Friday, December 05, 2008

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Based on all the comments on yesterday's post, I'm not the only person worried about the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse. And, more importantly, it looks like I am going to have to lead this sorry group of survivors, seeing as I had the highest score.

New Year's resolutions for all of us:
1. Stock up on canned beans and Twinkies (they say those sweet golden cakes last forever)
2. Learn to fire a rifle/pistol/automatic weapon
3. Take up jogging/running
4. Buy a baseball bat or other blunt object and practice using it

I also think we should make it a habit to cover ourselves in Pam Cooking Spray, Vaseline or olive oil so the zombies will have a harder time getting a good grip on us. Hmmm... maybe not the olive oil -- that might make us all the more tasty.


moArdy said...

I'm in!!

Heather said...

Right. So I'll be coming over to your house that day, then. Because with your 65% chance of survival and my 45%, that adds up to 110%. We'll be able to kick us some zombie ass.

Pammeey said...

OK. I'm adding "Fortify living space with zombie-proof glass and barbed wire" to my New Year's resolutions.