Monday, December 29, 2008

Trying my hand

Last month, I decided I was going to try to learn to crochet. My mom crocheted a lot, and I wanted to be able to do it, too. It was a bit of a disaster. I've been told knitting is easier and I should take a class. My mom tried to show me how to knit and crochet and sew and all those things when I was a kid. But I was too much of a tomboy to sit still for such girly pursuits. She did make me take Home Ec in junior high, so I learned some sewing and cooking -- no matter how hard I wanted to try not to (I couldn't stand to not get an A).

I'm no good at knitting or crocheting and only passable at sewing and cross-stitching. But I still always want to do crafts. I have a desire to create. So I'm trying my hand at a little jewelry making. I gave a friend a pair of earrings I made for Christmas, and she was gracious enough to say they looked good. I worry that she's just being nice.

Yesterday, I went out and bought a new pair of round-nose pliers. They seem to allow me to twist the wire more easily than standard needle-nose pliers. The earrings to the right are my latest attempt at jewelry making. They need a few minor adjustments, but I think they look pretty good.

On the other hand, my photography skills still leave something to be desired.

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Kate said...

Knitting is no easier, at least not with my butterfingers, or was it just lack of effort? Both?

I think they're very cute! That shape of earring looks so great with short hair.