Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When in Rome

It has come to my attention that many people don't know how to use chopsticks -- or are uncomfortable trying to use them in front of other people. I thought I was the only one who made it into my 30s without being able to use chopsticks well. I suppose living with someone of Korean descent made it easier to learn quickly. (Even though I still only know a few words of Korean.)

I could pick up a chunk of chicken or a nice solid vegetable before. Now, I can eat just about anything with chopsticks. And for some reason, some foods really do taste better when you eat them with chopsticks, instead of a fork.

Over at eHow.com, they have a little tutorial on using chopsticks. Before you start, here's what eHow says you'll need:
Things You'll Need
A pair of chopsticks.
A hand with fingers and an opposable thumb.
A little patience.
Despite the silliness of that list, the article is somewhat helpful, but this video is better:

Or go rent "Kung Fu Panda" and watch the lesson on using chopsticks in the special features. The little girl in the video is adorable.

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