Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ear worm

I woke this morning with a song stuck in my head -- an insidious ear worm. It was "These Boot Were Made For Walking." It's probably one of the worst songs to get stuck in your head, on par with "It's a Small World."

On the plus side, it allows me to post this Boots Medley video from "Kinky Boots," a British movie we watched recently. IMDb users only give the film a 6.9 rating, but I really liked it. It's uplifting, fun and its ultimate lesson is delivered by drag queens in stilettos.

Fans of "Serenity" might recognize Chiwetel Ejiofor. (Now you have one more reason to love that movie.)


Lisa said...

I'm so glad you liked that movie! I thought I was the only person in the world (well, in Colorado at least) that saw it!

Pammeey said...

I thought it was one you might like. I'd been meaning to watch it for a while. I'm glad I finally did.

Kate said...

Hey! I've seen it, too. And Lisa says we have no Netflix in common? Pshaw.