Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Possibly another reason we don't have kids

A conversation:

The S.O.: "I wish the dog could stand up on her back legs all the time." (Because he thinks it's cute.)

Me: "I wish the dog could type and do dishes." (Because that would be awesome!)

The S.O.: "Maybe we shouldn't have kids because I think your expectations for them might be a little high. You'll be trying to have them write stories by the time they're two."

Me: (unspoken) What's the point of having them if I can't try that? I'd have the first baby blog actually written by babies!


melissa said...

you know, it doesn't take long for kids to learn how to type and do dishes. you have a good long time with them doing that before you make them leave home. so his expectations will be met first. big deal.

for the record, braeden is already reaching for my keyboard. you might be onto something...

moArdy said...

Here you go Pammy - Can't wait to read your answers!

1) If you could make anything socially acceptable for one day - what would it be?

2) What animal at the zoo would you like to make your pet? (without worrying about any logistical issues)

3) What is the most uncommon color you have ever painted (or wanted to paint) a room?

4) What food(s) can you never seem to leave the grocery store without?

5) If you could relive one year - which one would it be and would you change anything?