Thursday, March 05, 2009


During a moment of panic, in an act of desperation, I sent a resume off to a small newspaper more than 100 miles south of home. I was qualified for the job, but never really thought I'd get it. So I never really considered what I would do if they contacted me. Imagine my surprise when this morning -- nearly nine month later, mind you -- I received an answer:
"If you are still looking for a newspaper reporter position, please let me know."
It seems the newspaper I applied to is part of a much larger parent company, so this person could be looking for reporters for any number of cities. It could be quite an opportunity. However, (being the grumpy skeptic that I am) I have a few problems with the situation.
  • I'm not really keen on relocating. The house is almost perfect now, and I like the town where I live.
  • I like being a freelancer (even if I need to be more ambitious about it) and working for the Literacy Center part time.
  • I'm not really a "newspaper reporter" and never really was.*
  • It's been nine freaking months since I sent this resume. Do they think I was just sitting around waiting for them to reply to me? I have a lot going on -- this blog, for instance. Do they think I can just drop everything because they call? Well, do they?
I'm thinking of replying, asking what the job is, where, the pay, etc. I can't imagine I'll want to pack up and move for it, but it can't hurt to ask, right?

* I'm more of a writer. And that's not
just semantics. The articles I write are more along the lines of feature stories that don't involve tracking down leads or investigative reporting. Interviews I do tend to be with experts in their field. I've never had to talk to a parent who was mourning a lost child or holler at a corrupt politician for a sound bite.


Kate said...

It never hurts to ask. At least you'll know what you're turning down when you say no.

BigBro1961 said...

I would never pass up a chance to find out what somebody else has to offer. You are the one in control of the situation. They can't make you do or go any where you don't want to.

Pammeey said...

I requested more information about the position. I haven't heard back. Maybe I'll know something by December.