Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Do you Twitter? Are you on Facebook (or some other networking site)? How out of touch am I?

Just the other night a friend asked if I Twitter. I felt so out of touch admitting that I don't. But hey! I have a blog. I was assured that Twitter is the wave of the future. Also, that I would connect with more people on Facebook. Knowing that less than a dozen people actually read my blog, maybe I should be trying some of these new-fangled thingies. On the other hand, I may just be "(a rotting corpse), grabbing for any glimmer of relevance."


Kate said...

Twitter was popular among the tech boys about a year ago, and now a lot of them are getting frustrated and abandoning it for many different reasons. It figures that as the experts get off, senators jump on. Oh wait, Obama had a twitter feed throughout the election, starting a year ago. And he didn't do it half badly really, better than a lot of those shmoes.

Seriously, the people who are hyping it now are totally irrelevant, and if they're making bonehead comments like those in the clip, they're not the best users of the system. In some contexts, it makes sense. But in most ways, NO, it DOESN'T make sense for most Internet users or even bloggers.

I can't even keep a story under 600 words. How could I tweet 140 characters?

Pammeey said...

And that from someone who actually knows a little something about the tech world.

By the way, that comment was 735 characters!

Kate said...

Serious rants take at least 700 characters!

moArdy said...

I do have a facebook - but never got caught on to the Twitter thing.

If you try twitter let us know how it goes - but PLEASE don't stop your blog!! :)