Friday, March 13, 2009

How lazy are we?

I just realized you guys must think all my dog ever does is sleep. I need to get some pictures of her playing or chasing cats or performing her new "trick" -- that the S.O. "taught" her, and she thinks is so clever but is actually really annoying -- of destroying paper bags and cardboard items set aside for recycling. She's taken to picking up anything made of cardboard and tearing it up, including full cases of diet soda. Well, she tried to pick it up but did manage to chew the corner off.

Of all the pictures I've posted of my dog, there are really only two in which she's doing something somewhat active. This one, of her destroying a Kleenex box (a post that also shows her laying in bed):

And this one of her trying to escape the snow:

My goal is to get some cute pictures of Ripley playing. She's really not all that lazy.

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