Sunday, March 15, 2009


The tile --mosaic glass in "rainforest" -- for our backsplash finally came in, and yesterday, the S.O. installed it. I love the tile. And I love the S.O. for being so handy.

Here he is applying the thinset mortar.

And putting up the tile.

He even used a wet saw to make teeny tiny cuts for the corners. All his fingers are still intact.

Ripley and I mostly stayed out of the way.

Today the grout goes in. After we touch up some paint, the kitchen will be presentable.

For the record, the S.O. may have done most of the work installing the tile, but I picked it out. That means I should get some credit for how amazing the kitchen looks now. Right?

The folks at Planet Granite (where we bought the granite counter tops and mosaic glass tile) said I have good taste and asked for some photos once we're done. I take that as a compliment.


melissa said...

handymen are magnificent. it reminds us that they're useful (cruel to say, i know, but often times true).

let us know if you'll have a kitchen party like you did the deck party, so we can be sure to miss it.


Pammeey said...

You're too funny, Melissa.