Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Being a rock star hurts

Remember way back to my birthday when the S.O. gave me a guitar? Well, I decided I wasn't getting the hang of it on my own, so I started taking lessons.

I'm making progress now, fairly quickly. I practice daily and am starting to get the necessary callouses on my fingers. Not quite though. They get pretty darn painful after I play. Here's a picture that might be kind of gross.

You can click to embiggen it, if you really want to see the indentations in my fingertips and the awesome callouses I'm starting to get.

It's hard to type and forget about sorting paper or turning the pages of a book with those babies.

If sore fingers are the price I must pay to have millions of screaming fans, so be it. Because I'm telling you, people are going to pay big money to go to my concerts. But not you guys. You'll be on the guest list. You can say you're with the band.

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