Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm going to be a rock star

Nevermind that my guitar is acoustic, I don't know how to play it and for that matter, haven't played an instrument since 7th grade. Nevermind that the only women older than I am who are still rockin' have been doing so for three decades or more.

None of that matters, because now that I have held this guitar in my hands (a birthday gift from the S.O.), I will be a rock star.

Becoming a rock star was inevitable, really -- all those hours glued in front of the television during the heyday of MTV (back when they played music videos 24 hours a day), the endless lip-synching sessions in front of my full-length mirror with my hairbrush microphone and my audience of adoring stuffed-animal fans. And -- the best part -- I probably already have some hearing damage thanks to Sony.

I know how to read music (mostly) and I already have the start of callouses on my finger tips (due to not being able to put the guitar down yesterday). I've already learned one chord. So it's just a matter of time before you're all stealing my music off the internet and begging me for front row seats to my next concert.

That, or maybe, by next Christmas, Lisa and I can perform a duet that doesn't suck.


Kate said...

Here's to music that won't suck!

That's such a great, fun gift, and is something that will keep you busy, happy and inspired. Way to go, SO.

melissa said...

wow, that's beautiful!

yeah-i knew pam back when she got her first guitar. i didn't have the guts to tell her she was overly optimistic about her ambitions, but look at her now, opening for john mayer. man. i would have been nicer to her, had i only known.

; )

Pammeey said...

Forget John Mayer. I'm going to open for Sting.

I tell you I'm nothing if not starry eyed.

Lisa said...

Here's to calloused fingers and persistence! You're going to be great! And I've already marked my calendar for a December 2009 holiday concert - I think our opening number should be Ave Maria, the version by Chris Cornell and Eleven. ( So what if I hear no piano or guitar in it ... we'll figure it out because we're going to be amazing musicians!