Monday, January 05, 2009

But I refuse to do the Chicken Dance

You know those women who fight to catch the bouquet at a friend or family member's wedding? Yeah, I have become that woman.

To be completely honest, I didn't really fight anyone for the bouquet, but only because I had a good 3-inch reach on the competition and didn't have to fight.
The Significant Other and I don't have plans to be married and don't talk about it all that much. But after a really unique ceremony, including the maid of honor singing "Fields of Gold" and even the groom tearing up, combined with a couple glasses of wine and a champagne toast, I guess I was thinking about marriage more than I care to admit.

Although I didn't actually elbow anybody out of the way to catch the bouquet, I was more enthusiastic than I should have been, causing the S.O. to get a little embarrassed when everyone looked around for him.

But that was a couple days ago and the glow of champagne and catching the bouquet has dimmed. I assure you I'm not clipping pictures out of bridal magazines or checking venue dates or picking out the song for our first dance. And I'm not hounding the S.O. for a ring.

On the other hand, my birthday is just a couple days away ...

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