Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not getting it

I recently joined Facebook. Honestly I'm not sure why -- curiosity perhaps. But I don't really get it. I'm not going to blame my age. And it's not that I don't understand computers. I do. And I get the Internet. It's just that Facebook is so strange. And hard to navigate. And counter intuitive. A friend -- who had encouraged me a while back to join -- tells me Facebook was better before they changed it. Maybe that's it. Maybe I'm not social enough. Maybe I just don't get it.


Heather said...

I don't really get Facebook either. I don't know why people keep sending me plants, or why they keep asking me to join their pirate crusades. I'm not computer illiterate either... but I just don't get it. But I will go on Facebook now and send you a friend request so we can not get it together.

Pammeey said...

Yay! Friends!