Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Call me Florence Nightingale

The S.O. underwent orthopedic surgery today to repair his broken pinkie. It took longer than originally planned because there were so many little pieces, his doc said. They placed pins, but the pins wouldn't hold, so a piece of bone from the S.O.'s wrist had to be grafted in to hold things together.

The upside is this cute picture of the S.O. in pre-op.

The downside is the pain blocker they gave him pre-op wore off about 12 hours before they thought it would, and he has some severe pain. Thank goodness for strong meds.

Here's the S.O.'s new paw:

I played nurse for the S.O. a few years ago when he had to have some work done on his nose (no, not awful plastic surgery). He's only slightly less whiny this time. He's lucky I love him.

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