Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pete Rose, he ain't

Pete Rose played for the Cincinnati Reds way back in the '70s and '80s. He was probably best known for his head-first slides. He had a .303 batting average and holds multiple Major League Baseball awards.

The S.O. plays recreational softball. He has not learned the art of the head-first slide.

The photograph to the right shows Rose executing a picture-perfect head-first slide.

The photograph below shows what happens to your hand when you attempt a head-first slide and you're not a 17-time MLB All-Star.

The finger is broken "in several places" and will require a specialist. On the upside, the S.O.'s team won the game.

It's a very small upside, in my opinion.


Kate said...

Poor baby. Having to take care of a wounded man is no fun.

Oh, and poor baby for him, too. :P

kayla said...

now see if it had been like that i would have totaly lost it if he toched me with it