Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rock-a-bye Sweet Baby James

A dear friend died 14 years ago today. I think of him often. He was just a few years older than I was -- he was 30 when I was just 25. When he told me I would understand life better once I turned 30, I laughed it off. But he was right, even if it was just because I better understood loss. Fourteen years and many losses and disappointments later, I still think of him. With my 30s behind me, I can tell my younger friends they'll understand better once they turn 40 ... and I can smile.

He also helped me appreciate the songs of James Taylor. So, this is for him. Rest well.

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Lisa said...

A fitting memorial for your friend. James Taylor *is* pretty incredible ... and I don't think it's JUST age that causes us to appreciate him more than the average bear. But I love this song for a different reason: I put it on a CD for Brayden as soon as he was born and MY lullaby I sing for him is "Sweet Brayden James." (And the song was actually written as a lullaby by Taylor, for a nephew named after him.)