Thursday, April 02, 2009

I didn't dream it

Over at Shakesville, they have a little feature they call Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime. Today the video is from "Tales of the Gold Monkey." I was so happy to see it. Despite the fact that it appears on IMDb, I could never find anyone else who remembered it.

It was totally cheesy and a complete rip-off of "Raiders of the Lost Ark." But I loved it.

Another thing no one else seems to remember is Freakies Cereal. But thanks to the magic of YouTube, I can take you back to 1974 (even if you weren't born yet) and show you:

I'm sure the cereal was loaded with sugar and probably tasted terrible. But I had to have my very own Freakie. There are probably still Freakie figures tucked away somewhere at my mom's house. Next time I'm there, I'm totally going on a Freakie treasure hunt.

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