Thursday, April 02, 2009

Yay for firefighters!

Yesterday, as I left my literacy center gig, one of the tutors and I noticed some strange smoke coming from down an alley. A huge pile of junk was on fire, just blazing away. It was right next to a garage and dangerously close to the surrounding houses. The tutor made the 911 call while I stood there rubbernecking. As soon as he hung up, we heard the sirens. The firetruck pulled up moments later, and the firefighters sprung into action. It suddenly occurred to me that I had never actually seen firefighters working on an honest-to-goodness fire. It was quite exciting, with the helmets, jackets and gas masks and the big red truck. Alas, I didn't have a camera with me so I don't have any photo documentation of the event. But I can definitely appreciate why so many women find firemen attractive. Who doesn't love a hero?

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