Friday, May 29, 2009

My T-Shirt Love

My dear friend turned me on to this T-shirt site and a sale code that got me 15 percent off my order. Today, my T-shirt came, and I love it.

Cute cuddly panda bear with crossbones. Love! I have wanted this shirt ever since I saw John Sheppard sporting one (in a men's version naturally).

I bought this one for the S.O. He didn't get as excited as I did about the shirts. (I think he has his own little crush on John Sheppard and wanted the panda shirt so he could be like his hero. Shhh.) But I'm pretty sure he likes it, and if he doesn't wear it, it's a great night shirt for me. Bonus.

Yeah, I'm not as trim as the model here, but the shirt is pretty damn flattering on me anyway -- and will be more so as I continue my boot camp fitness.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to wear this four days out of the week when tutoring starts back up. It not offensive or anything. We're just not supposed to wear T-shirts. Bummer.

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Kate said...

I lurves it! So you.