Friday, May 22, 2009

He knows more than you do!*

The S.O. received his Masters of Electrical Engineering today. Our seats weren't very close to the stage. But they projected everything on to the big screen. Here he is accepting his diploma ...

cover. The actual degree is sent by mail late this summer.

I'm quite proud of him. He's the only one in his immediate family to attend college, let alone receive an advanced degree. I think he's allowed to be smug* for a while.

*Just ask Dr. Science!


Kate said...

What a great, lucky shot of the big screen!

Pammeey said...

I may not have a master's degree, but I can find a good seat at an event!

melissa said...

way to go to the big man!
how exciting!

(ps... i love dr science. i'm wondering if i can be his apprentice)