Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I think God would edit this

There's a church near my house that always has a "clever" saying on its sign. This week's says:
If a grave I'm nexting, it's because I drove while texting.
I have grown to accept that "texting" is now a real word -- as is "texted." I don't like it, but I'll accept it. I will not -- ever -- accept the word "nexting." What exactly is that sign even supposed to mean?

I would have accepted: If a grave I'm next in, it's because I drove while textin'. Or even a skewed rhyme of next in/texting. But not "nexting."

Because if that's the way our language is headed, there is no God!

UPDATE: I drove by the sign again yesterday, and tt's worse than I had originally remembered. It actually says, "If a grave I'm nexting: It's because I drove while texting." Made up words AND bad punctuation. God help us.


Kate said...

Why does a church even want to get into the realm of safe driving? After all, they're the ones that say, "In the event of rapture, this car will be empty." I think that's more of a danger on the road than texting.

Pammeey said...

So true, Kate. Plus, I don't think "Thou shalt not text" is a commandment.