Wednesday, June 09, 2010

From the in-case-I-didn't-mention-it file

The S.O. has decided to take flying lessons.

Which I fully support because he's excited about it. But look at that tiny little plane. Scary. The only downside is that the weather has been pretty uncooperative for him -- high winds, fog -- and he hasn't gotten as many hours logged as he'd like. Still, I like to think one day he'll get his pilot's license and jet us off to some exotic locale for a romantic getaway.

Shut up. A girl can dream.

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moardy said...

Yea for the S.O., that is so awesome!

Maybe you guys could swing by Nashville on your way to the exotic locale and pick us up. We might not add to the romance, but we add to the fun :)

Have a great weekend!