Monday, June 07, 2010

OK, Mother Nature, just stop it

You know, I hate to be one of those people who always bitches about the weather. But I can't help it. Seriously, it was snowing here just three weeks ago, and today, the weather forecasters are saying the temperature is going to be near 100 degrees.

Maybe I wouldn't complain if we had air conditioning. Wait. No. This is me we're talking about. Of course I'd complain. It's what I do. I'll just have to think cool thoughts today. Or find a nice WiFi spot with a/c.

In the meantime, check out this nest on our house. It's not a very good picture, because I had to zoom in from my office window. But it's the coolest looking thing. It's perfectly round. At first I thought it was some kind of light the S.O. put up. It's that symmetrical.The S.O. knocked it down from the eaves. No one was home in the nest, so he didn't get stung -- except by the deck chair that ripped the skin off his shin. Don't worry, no pics of that. But here's a closer look at the nest.
Not sure who it belonged to exactly. We have had paper wasps' nests, mud dauber nests and yellow jacket nests and none of them have looked quite like this.

Any ideas? Also, any ideas on how to keep all these critters from nesting in our eaves? Because these nests look really cool, but I really, really, really hate flying stinging things.


Kate said...

I hear you. This year has been a little odd, like winter dragged on and then someone turned a switch and summer heat descended.

I have no idea what that nest is, though.

Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs said...

We have no A/C either. And no sprinkler system. So I just spent most of the morning watering all the things that will surely wither in this heat and still have the root-watering pokey stick thing going with the trees out front, that I have to rotate every hour so all the roots get a little drink. THEN I'm rotating fans in the house and keeping all the windows shut. My goal is to keep it below 80 degrees in the house ... right now I'm at 77. Hmmm, kinda makes me wonder if I should get an office jog.

Cool nest, whatever it is! I don't have any suggestions for you. Sorry! One suggestion, though: Keep taking pictures of the coolness as it happens. I love the photos!

Pammeey said...

I am happy we don't get the humidity like they get back in my home town. So at least there's that.