Friday, January 16, 2009

What I watched: "Wonderfalls" The Complete Series

"Wonderfalls" is a quirky little gem that only lasted four episodes on Fox back in 2004. I missed it then. I only found out about it because "Pushing Daisies" is getting canceled, and Bryan Fuller, one of the writers for "Pushing Daisies" and "Dead Like Me" was a writer/producer/creator of "Wonderfalls." Three excellent series, all gone before their times.

Thanks to the magic of Blockbuster (or Netflix or Amazon if you'd like to buy it), the entire 13-run series of "Wonderfalls" is available on DVD. And I'm glad it is. It's fun and funny and romantic, and if the episodes seem to be tied up in too-neat-little packages, well, that's sometimes how it should be. It's exciting to wonder what the hell is going to happen next on a show like "Lost," but sometimes it's nice to just have everything tied up. It reminds of sitcoms when I was a kids.

Like "Pushing Daisies," "Wonderfalls" is visually vibrant, with interesting sets and a cute female protagonist, her cute male love interest. There's also an array of supporting characters -- from odd to outlandish-- that includes Lee Pace, Ned of "Pushing Daisies." At the end of the final episode, while I wished for more, I was left feeling satisfied with the outcome and happy to have discovered this show.

"Wonderfalls" may be a bit too quirky for some people, but those who like either "Pushing Daisies" or "Dead Like Me" (or both) should enjoy it.

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