Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The cat came back

Our sneaky little night visitor made another appearance -- today at 2 a.m. This time, the little bugger made himself quite at home inside our house.

The S.O. -- suffering from insomnia -- was up playing computer games, when he heard the dog door flap. He says the cat was making himself at home then zoomed out through the doggie door without hesitation at the site of the S.O.

Makes me wonder how many times the little bugger has visited us.


moArdy said...

Growing up we had a cat that would use our neighbors doggie-dogs late at night and eat all their dog food. And we wondered how that sucker ballooned to 20 pounds. :)

I have to admit though - I would totally be setting out food for the little guy (maybe on the back porch as opposed to inside my house though....)

Pammeey said...

I suspect this kitty visits other houses in the night because he's a bit of a chunk. We don't leave our dog food out, so he was disappointed here. I'm afraid he's just getting fattened up for a predator though. Poor kitty.