Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Should I get his autograph now?

The S.O. gave me a guitar for my birthday this past January, and in March, I finally broke down and started taking lessons. They've been going well, and I'm starting to feel like I can actually play and am not just learning.

Yesterday, my guitar teacher tells me he's moving to Nashville at the beginning of the year to pursue an actual career in music! He has assured me he'll find me a new teacher and even has someone in mind. I know, though, that this new teacher will not be as much -- and there's no way he'll be as cute -- as my current teacher.

I just can't believe he's not taking my needs into consideration. He just has stars in his eyes. Sure, he's talented, plays guitar well, has a good singing voice -- and did I mention he's cute? So he'll probably be a big hit, and I can say I knew him when.

That's not going to teach me how to play guitar though. Geez. Some people are so selfish.


Kate said...

We should get his autograph on Friday, like, right across your cleavage. Or mine, I suppose, if you're chicken.

Gina said...

Damn ... I really was looking forward to the cleavage signing.

monkey said...

Get his autograph on your guitar now. That'll legitimize your new song about stalking him once he's a big hit :p